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Walker Bell Challenge 2023

Till the best we can do is all done.

Emma Balina, Director of Annual Giving

Supporters across the USA

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Aaron Dowling and Sarah O'Brien
Adam Harmon
Adriana Meza
For all my teachers, coaches, and amazing friends.
Adriana and Laurent de Bord
Ahkeyah Allahjah
Aija Thacher
In memory of Philip D. Thacher
Thacher needs to keep making this level of education available.
Aimee Brown-Nelson
Albert Perez
Alden Blair
Alec Perkins
Alexander R. F. Marlantes
Alexandra Armstead
Alexandra Gifford
The fact that you need 600 donors to unlock a grant.
Alexandra Montague
Ali + Sepideah Rahman
Ali Arastu
Alice Meyer
Alison Greiner and Matt Jacobson
Allison Barbey
Amanda Dunn
Amanda Nonomura
Ami Aronson
Amy Elmore
In honor of Jeff and Kara Hooper
Anderson Clark
In memory of Evan Werlin and James Dibblee
Andrew Barkan
Andrew Herr
Andrew Shoop
In honor of CdeP 1978 Reunion gift
Anjali Joseph
Ann Ding and Nick Tang
Anna Pata
I'll always love Thacher & our community.
Anne Gregory
Anne Marie Langan
Good luck Thacher!
Anne Perkins
In memory of Elliott Perkins CdeP 1993
Anne Riddell
Annie LeFevre
Annie Nyborg
Annie Wallace
Anonymous Jalepeño
Anson Thacher
In memory of Bob Chesley
April Taylor
Go Toads!
Arden and Preston Brailer
Can’t remember if i already gave
Armen Kazazean
Art & Kit Spaulding
This donation is earmarked for the Outdoor Program. Thacher has historically distinguished itself from other elite secondary schools by its dedication to encouraging the growth of its students through participation in the Outdoor Program. We applaud this and encourage the continuing improvement and expansion of the Outdoor Program..
Austin Krause
Avery Hellman
Bailey Cypheridge
Barbara & Peter Goehrig
Barrett Morse
Becky Beckett
Becky Krueger
Continuing to help students follow their dream of attending Thacher.
Ben Yoon
Benita Chan
Benjamin B. Krokower
Bernadette Okonkwo
Parent 2024
Betsy Greenway Carney
I’ve worked before to raise money for the walker bell challenge… not a hard ask when so many other alumni are committed to matching any gift!
Bianca Russell
In memory of Evan Werlin
Bill Fellows
Bill Omansiek
To the good work of the faculty and staff who have helped this school evolve in so many positive directions over my 17 years as one of their colleagues. And too all of the students who have enriched my time here at Thacher.
Bin Wang
Blake and Erika Grayson
Bo Manson
Bob and Cathy Fisher
Bonnie Bailer
Boun Ly
Brad Hanson
In memory of Charles Francisco
Brenton Sullivan
Brian Bennett
In memory of Tanji Dewberry CdeP '94
Brian Emme
Brianna Brianna
Brit Dewey
In memory of David Dewey and Edward Tinmouth
Julian’s grandfathers would be grateful for the education he’s received at Thacher. Lifelong learning was a priority for them.
Brit Dewey and Phil Tinmouth
Brittany Sanders
In memory of Lee Quong
Brooke Kathrein
Brooke Wharton
Thank you to the faculty and staff at Thacher - 4 of the best years of my life (even if I accidentally put my college graduation year instead of CdeP)!
Bruce Somers
Cara Bonewitz
Graham Douds! Wouldn't have made this donation if it hadn't been for his call and excellent voicemail.
Caren and Fritz Hatton
Best place in the world for high school age kids!
Carin and Amir Yates
Carina Fung
Carla Gorum
Carlo Soracco
Carlos Osuna
In honor of Ms Kasimirowski
Please add parent of alumn in categories
Carly Rodriguez
In honor of The hard working Alumni & Development team
Thank you for all you do to make Thacher a great place to work and go to school!
Caron Leach
Carson Land
Casey and Holly Pieretti
Catherine Griffith
Catherine Keeling
In honor of Class of 1996
Cecile and Douglas Donath
Cecilia & Wil Harris
Chance Phelps
In honor of Jack and Margaret Huyler
Chanelle Walker
In honor of the hard working staff and faculty!
Charles G. Stephenson
Charles Hancock
Charles Lord
Those were four great years!!
Charlie Evans
Charlie LeFevre
Charlotte Tracy
Charmiane Lieu
In honor of Amy Vanderloop
Cheolmin Park
Cherie Demopoulos
Chisom Iwuanyanwu
Keep up the good work! Go Toads!
Chris Colson
Chris Gordon
I'll donate more if Hooper stays on as Headmaster! ;)
Chrisotpher Grant
Chrissy Mazzola
We love this school!
Christian Garris
Christiane de Bord
Christine Johnson
Christopher Dienst
Christopher Eaton
In honor of Evan Werlin
Christopher Masson
Christopher Rice-Shepherd
Christopher Vyhnal
Christopher Wendel
Christopher Yih
Cindy Castaneda
In honor of Bruce Oxley
Mr. Oxley played an important role as Director of the Horse Program at Thacher. He was always kind, patient, and encouraging. Thanks Mr. Oxley!
Claire Vance
Claudia Montenegro
For the care and love my son received in these 4 years. Thank you!
Claudio Caizan
Clinton Henderson
Clinton Lowe
In honor of Marvin Shagam (my Inspiration 🙏🏾) & Gloria Nichols (my Nana ❤️)
Financial Aid and DEI is the Future of our School! 🗣💯💯🤘🏾
Colin Brode Donovan Wyatt
In memory of John Lewis CdeP 1959
Colin Troughton
Craig Watkins Sr
Keep up the great work
Criss Troast
Cristian and Laura P. Wentworth Streeter 1993
Cutter Tinmouth
Faculty, staff and students at Thacher who make it such a special place!
Cynthia Hunter
Cynthia and Darran Baird
Czarina Hutchins
Dan Grimm and Malory Taylor
Dana Dwire
In honor of my friends in Administration, Admission, Alumni & Development, College Counseling, Dining, and Facilities who devote themselves to this beloved community in profound ways.
Daniel Klein
Daniel Kwon and Christine Lee
In honor of Sera Kwon
We continue to be amazed by The Thacher School and its community every day.
Daniel Vega
In memory of Amy Vanderloop
Daniela & Roberto Palacios
Danny Torjusen
Dave Garman
David Cook
David Johnson
David Miller
David Moffitt
Colin Donovan Wyatt
David Van Horne Jr
David Yue
Great school and greater students
David and Nancy Babbott
Dawei Ma
Dawn Murray
DeAnna Gossett
Debbie Drake Dunne
Deborah Griffin
Deborah Tennant
2006 parent
Dee and John Thele
Dermond Thomas
My daughter inspired me to give today. Go future CdeP ‘24s!
Derrick von Schlegell
Devon Cichoski
Di Liao
Diana Callahan
Diana Garcia
Diana Zayas
My daughter inspired me to give today when she talked about belonging. She is still learning what this means. We hope we can provide more, and we will in the future. We wanted to contribute something today.
Diana and Bruce Rauner
Dineli Ahearn
Don Porter
In memory of Emma or Adriana has my list
Douglas Coughran
Douglas Land
Edgar Arceo
In honor of The Fisher Fellowship
Thrilled to be back at Thacher in 2023! :)
Edward Grether
Elisa Schwartz
Elisabeth Childs
Eliza Howard and Benjamin Thorne
Elizabeth Clarke
To Thacher's faculty, staff and administration for providing incredible opportunities for current and future generations of Toads.
Elizabeth Honorato
Elizabeth Lorenz
Elizabeth Mahoney
In honor of Barbara Singleton Wahl and Bruce Oxley
They made the horse program and Thacher life changing for me.
Elizabeth Pike
Elizabeth Wallace and Jaime Burns-France
Elke Browning
Ellen Hamilton
In honor of Marganne winters oxley
Emily Jordan
Classmate Gillian Kneass
Emily Williamson Hancock
Emily Wilson
My love for orange blossoms and chaparral hills is why I donated today.
Emma Balina
Grateful for incredible colleagues and wonderful friends within the Thacher community. This is truly a place like no other. Go Toads!! 🐸🍊🎉
Emma Patterson
Emmo Gates
Eric & Christl Clark
Eric Anderson
Thanks for the reminder calls from students!
Eric Butts
Eric Stoen
Eric Torii
Erik Bauer
In honor of Michael Mulligan & Joy Sawyer Mulligan
Erik Fiske
Erin Hafkenschiel
Erin Roberts
Erin and Kenneth Pata
Erin and Sander Van Otterloo
Erin van Otterloo
Thacher is helping to bring out the very best in our daughter.
Ethan Nonomura
Etienne Emanuel
Eugene and Jenny Lee
Eun Park
Eunice Ruiz
Evan Herberts
Family Escalante
Sending tremendous gratitude to Mateo and Diego's teachers, coaches, advisors, and dorm parents. Thank you horse department for this year's amazing Gymkhana. A special shout out to the health team too! Thank you ALL for wrapping the orange and green blanket around our boys! We love Thacher!
Francoise Kasimirowski
Bringing more diverse talent to Thacher.
Frankie Rayder
Frederick and Florence Wright
In honor of Robert Chesley
Freida Mock
In honor of Lee Quong
In honor of Alice Meyer
she's the best!
Gabriela and Joe Cesena
Gail O'Brien
I appreciate the dedication of all of the gifted faculty at Thacher! Past and present!
Gary Roth
Sayra's email to faculty
Genevieve Jensen
In honor of Chuck Warren
Geoffrey Sowash
In honor of Ida Adeline Taylor
George Arnold
To Dad, class of 1946
George Yelder
In memory of George and Josephine Yelder
Gerin River
Gina Greene
Glenn Langan
...wish it could be more. Good luck Thacher
Glenn Shapiro
Grace B Malloy
Grace Lowe
Graham Douds
Thank you!
Greg Austin
The education I received!
Gregg Lavine
Gretchen and March Milligan
Group of anonymous donors
Hailey Everett
Hal Kotowsky
Hans Nielsen
It has been great spending so much time on campus this year!
Harjit Khaira
It was heartwarming to feel the support from Trinity Seely for our son so he could participate in Gymkhana after working through an injury/broken thumb. Additionally we appreciate all the work being done on DEIB. Thank you Thacher!
Harmon Kaslow
In honor of Aharon Kaslow
Harriet Girardoni
Harrison Hoffman
Jeff Hooper
Heather M Grant
Helen Bell
Helen Brown
Henry Chaney
Herman Bartholomay
Because it is important.
Hilary Wendel
Hiroko Bekins
In honor of Class of 2023
Hugh Gordon
Hunter Hollins
Ian Strachan
Peer pressure and the most transformative four years of my life.
Imelda Ochoa
Thacher is a really good school, it is helping my son a lot and I am very grateful to have my son in this school.
Iona Popa
Isao Yamaguchi
In honor of Advanced Jazz Combo and Jazz Ensemble
J. Eric Gross
JP Tennant
Jack Eastburn
Jackson Berler
Jackson Howard
Jacob Conway
Jacqueline Fiske
In honor of Peter Robinson
Jacqueline Johnny
Thanks to The Thacher School for striving every year to get better at educating future leaders.
Jaime Araujo
My daughter Angele - so amazing to watch her meet all the challenges Thacher has to give her!
James Burton
James Hallett
James Hastings
James Langan
Good luck Thacher!
James Moffitt
Love those challenge grants!
James Munger
James Rubenstsein
In honor of my teachers
Thanks to my greatest teachers at Thacher: the Twichells, the Robinsons, Mr. Shagam, Mr. Lamb, and others.
James Sligh
The Centaurs group chat
Jamil Abou-Samra
Jan Atchity
The quality of the education at Thacher is exceptional. My grandchildren are blessed with the opportunity to be there and I want to support that. Go Toads!!
Jane Yao
Jane and Jary Archer
Janeen Braham
For my son Kingsley, who inspires me everyday in his pursuit of excellence. Thank you to the educators and staff who courageously forge ahead in the areas of diversity and inclusion in order to make Thacher a home in which everyone can be proud to belong.
Janet Cipriano
In honor of Bob & Denise Miller
Javier Delgadillo
Javier Quiroz
Jay Alden
Jay and Jenn Gudebski
Jeffrey Becker
Jeffrey and Kristin Berndt
In honor of To all of my sons' teachers
Jenny Karin Morrill Koland
In memory of Amy Vanderloop (CdeP 2003h
Jensen Hodge
My time at Thacher introduced me to the concept sustainability, which has led me down an exciting and impactful career path. Keep up the great work!
Jerry Holden
Jessica Bliss
Jessica Rothstein
Jessica Yusuf
Jessica and John Trent
Jill Manfredi
As a Staff member, I feel it is important to support our school in any way we can, whether through financial donations or with time and talent. I am especially proud of my fellow Staff members!
Jillian Seaton
Jillian Wade
Jin Noh
It’s an honor for us to participate the event.
Joanna Mackie
Joanne McNabb
My late husband Bill, class of 1954?, loved his time at Thatcher and remained close to class members for the rest of his life.
Johanna Harding
Gillian's email to the women in my class in honor of all of us turning $50!!!!!
John & Tracy Mallory
John Busterud
John Callander
John Hoover
In memory of Marganne Winter Oxley
John L. Rubenstein, MD, PhD CdeP 1973
John Lee
John Lehrkind
John Lewis
John Perry
John Stephenson
John Van Nortwick
John and Gill Wagner
Jon Le Plastrier
Jon Swift
Jonathan Kieswetter
Cricket Twichell called me and it was a wonderful time to catch up
Jonathan Schell
Jonelle Moore
Jordana Martin
Jose Estrada
Joseph Bywater & Alanna Iacono
Joseph Lamport
Go Toads !
Joseph Rice-Shepherd
Joseph Wyatt
Joshua Thimons
Joy Golbere
Juan Gutierrez
Thank you to all the Thacher staff for loving our children.
Juan Sanchez
Judy Hayne
In memory of Elliot Hayne ‘48
Julie Gardner-Williams
Julie Huntington de Polo
Juliet Henderson and Stephanie Thomas
I visited campus last year and wish I could go back for another four years to learn new things!
Sara billing and Jeff Berndt, two amazing bosses who continue to inspire me!
Kaiyu Chu
Go Toads!
Kara and Jeff Hooper
Karen Lee
The opportunities, knowledge and entire cultural experience both my Son Dermond Alum '94 and Granddaughter Olivia '24 have enjoyed.
Karen Linden
In memory of Tom Linden
Karen and Bayard Hollins
Karin Flood
Karl Koschnitzke
A thank-you to everyone involved with the horse program.
Karl Mertz Jr
Karl and Helen Frykman
Kasiana McLenaghan
Kate H. and John H. Briggs Jr.
Katharine and John Kline
Katherine Browne
Katherine Halsey
In memory of M. Brooke Halsey, II CdeP '00
Katherine Sawyer
In honor of CdeP 2008
This gift is designated to supplemental financial aid in honor of CdeP 2008
Kathryn Dole
Kathy Araujo
Thacher made all the difference for my daughter and it continues its magic for my granddaughter. I remain profoundly grateful to the school, the fabulous faculty and the wonderful horses. Go Toads!
Katie Cutter-Schatzberg
Katie Vyhnal
Kayte Fisher
In honor of Every student who was called fat by Peter Robinson.
No teenage student's body should be scrutinized and publicly shamed by a grown man. I used to think I was the only one, but now I know I was one of many. I see you and I support you.
Kelley Janes
Kellie Dolan
Kelly Percival
Kelly Proctor
In honor of Kara & Jeff Hooper
As parents, we knew that even when we couldn't "be there," the Hoopers cared and showed up for our boys!
Kelsey Harrington
Kelsey McRichards
Kendra Carter
Kent Arnold
In honor of Marganne Winter Oxley, C de P '78
I appreciate the call from Julian, C de P '23, who reminded me of the Walker Bell challenge.
Kenyon Phillips
Making the school a safer place for all students
Kerri and Danny Sonenshine
Keying Dai
Keep up good work!
Kim Master
We are fortunate to have Avery thriving at Thacher, thank you! Kim Master & Noah Lieb
Kimberly A. and C. Curtis Scott, Esq.
Kimberly Thomas
Inspired by my daughter to give!
Kirsten Ritzau
In honor of The Hoopers and The Carneys. Thank you!
Kristen Hansen
Thank you to all of Thacher's fantastic faculty and staff who support and inspire our students tirelessly. You rock!
Kristin Sawyer
Kristopher Zierhut
Kurt Huebner
In honor of Marganne Winter Oxley
Couldn't appreciate more for the opportunity of horsing program provided by Thacher! it will be such a precious memory for the riders. Thanks for the hard working of all the instructors who helped Annikka from a novice to a confident rider. Thanks!!!!!
Lane Hammond
In memory of Myron A Clark
Laura & Randy Browning
Laura Kirkland
Laura Van Winkle James and Andre James
Laurel Edson
In honor of Team DevO!
Laurel Poolman
Lauren Cerre
Lauren Rosenfeld
In honor of Mulligans
Lauren Zakarian-Cogswell
In honor of Marvin Shagam
Laurence Pelosi
Laurence and Alexis Pelosi
Laurie and Alan Dachs
Lawrence Langan
Good luck Thacher!
Leland Franklin
In honor of Alice & Kurt Meyer
Thank you for inspiring me both inside and outside of the classroom! In particular, with psychology, math, and magic :) Sending my best.
Lesley Sun
Leslie Sligh
Leticia James
Lew Mills
Leyla Abou-Samra
In honor of The Robinsons
Liam Callahan
Lidia Liddell
Linc Nagle
Linda and Ron Phillips
Lisa Kazazean
Lisa and Derek Kirkland
Lisa and Jonas Wallmark Svensson
Liz Westbrook
Logan Clark
Logan Meyer
Loma Griffith
Investing in our future leaders
Lori Schryver
In honor of Cora Mae Schryver
Thank Kara Hooper for the push
Lucas Black
Lucia Craven
Lucy Phillips Davies
Lucy Rodriguez
Luke Epstein
Luke Robinson
Lynn Kanda and David Gleeson
Thacher is a magical and wonderful place with which we are honored to be a part.
Madeleine Sowash
In honor of Peter Robinson
Magaly Herrera
Mandy G. Sonenshine Wynn
Marco Hernandez
Coach Hooper
Margarita Forment Billings
Margi Barrie
Marguerite Kissel
In memory of Evan Werlin
Maria & Tyler Barrell
In honor of Sarah Hill Nelson, who believed in me and taught me to believe in myself
Maria Hernandez
Thacher ❤️
Maria Morales-Kent
In honor of Tim and Hannah
Maria Serpa
Sending love to all my Thacher friends! Cheers to the classmates celebrating 50 trips around the sun this year! Go Toads!
Maria Viramontes
We love Thacher!
Mariposa Brant
Mark Harmon
50th Reunion!
Mark Mahan
Mark Yeh
Marley Reilly
Marshall Gifford
Martha Fellows
Martha Gregory
Martha Penafiel
Martin Sawyer
Martin Sproul
Mary Conarroe
In honor of Tanji Dewberry
Mary Loney
Matt Mayne
Matt Spille
Matthew Stenovec
Max Barbakow
Max Pillsbury
Max Reniers
Maximilian Hoffman
Maxwell Kuhl
Maya Reddy
Gift is designated to supplemental financial aid in honor of CdeP 2008
Megan Carney
Megan Hooker
Melanie Leon and Dietrich Schuhl
Melanie and Seth Berner/Boyd
Mele Wheaton
In memory of John Wheaton
Melinda and Matt Nix
The participation challenge.
Melissa McCarty
Melvin Galvez
Menita Knight
Thank you Thacher for allowing my son to experience this great educational opportunity.
Meredith Dworkin
Meriem Soliman
Michael Biermann
Michael Brooks
It’s a great school. I’ll always support it.
Michael Disner
Michael Morse
In honor of James Richardson
Michael Torre
Michael and Hiroko Bekins
Michael and Hiroko Bekins
Thank you, Horse Program!
Michael and Hiroko Bekins
Kids from all over the world make Thacher a great place to learn.
Michelle Carter
Email indicating that funds would be unlocked if enough people donated
Mike Galgon
Mikhal & Ron Bouganim
Mirna Valdez
For the growth, development, and exposure of Thacher students.
Monica Harish
Morten Hansen
Nana Appiah-Korang
In honor of Maa Alice, my daughters’ maternal great-grandmother who made education a priority for the family!
Natalie Swift
Nathalie Bouillon
Nathan Parker
Nathaniel Bisson
In honor of Joy Sawyer Mulligan
Nathaniel Toll
Nicholas Cunningham
Nicholas Hubbard
In honor of Helen Kiely
Helen Kiely is a beautiful soul and loving grandmother. I am honored to have called her my mother-in-law, and she will be truly missed missed.
Nick Kohli
Nima Lama Sherpa
Nina de Clercq
Norton Tooby
Omar and Nancy Abou-Samra
Lovely Mark who called and made the Thacher pitch. He gets the gold star!
Please make the attribution of my donation to: Peter Sawyer & Donna Jones
Page O'Brien
Thank you to all of the staff and faculty at Thacher !
Paris Van Dyke
Parker White
Patricia Lavalas-Howe and Neal Howe
Patrick James
Patti H. and Brian S. Smallwood
Paul & Kate Mason
Paul Yelder
I hope this small gift helps Thacher open the campus to prospective students, regardless of their family household income.
Peter Arnold
Peter Bray
In memory of Zeth Campe
Peter Gierke
Peter Griggs
Peter Karlsberg
In honor of Paul Karlsberg MD
In memory of My Father Paul Karlsberg
Peter Marlantes
Peter and Margaret Munzig
Peyton FitzHugh
Peyton Moore
Philip Delves Broughton
Philipe Manoux
Phoebe Halsey
In memory of Macdonald Brooke Halsey II CdeP 2000
Phyllis W. Johnston and David B. Johnston
R.Bruce Petets
In memory of John S. ”Jack” Huyler
In honor of Hardworking development team
Keep up the great work!
Raul Pacheco
Tom Hale!
Rebecca Bowman
Rebecca Clyde
Rebecca Laird
Rebecca Rose
I'm sure my family could not provide full tuition, and it was through the generosity of Thatcher that I could attend.
Rebecca Yette
Reilly Pollard
Renan and Evy Disner
Rich Look
In honor of Archie M. Look CdeP '64
Archie loved Thacher, horses, and camping. R.I.P.!
Richard Maxwell
After twenty-five years on staff, what a joy it is to now see my own kids benefit from a Thacher education. We are blessed!
Richard Paige
In honor of Jack Huyler
A truley dedicated teacher (Master - in our day).
Richard Smith
Go Toads!
Richard Spaulding
Rie Reniers
The desire to make sure more young humans - whatever their ability to pay- have access to 4 years at Thacher.
Riley and Susan Bechtel
Rita Walton
Rob Housden
Rob Nalumaluhia
In honor of Alex Wilson, '79
Rob and Robin Wilder
Robert Kellogg
Robert Rex
The stamp of the school
Robert Schmidt
Robin Walter
My teachers
Rocky Brown
Roderick Martin
Rodman Paul
Roger Hooper
Ron Gee
Ron and Danielle Faris
Rose O'Neal
Russell Grether
In honor of Mr. Shagam
Ryan Smith
Ryan Winter
Sam Meyer
'Til the best we can do is all done! Let's keep making Thacher a better place for the next generation.
Samuel Kim
Go Toads!!
Samuel Logan
In memory of Cora Schryver
Sara Billings
In honor of all the incredible staff at Thacher who make things happen.
Keep up the good work!
Sara Edwards
Sara Thacher
Sarah Brennan
Sarah Cresto
Sarah DelVecchio
Go Toads!! Hooray to the best colleagues ever!
Sarah DiLullo
Doc Swift
Sarah Hansen
Sarah Lavender Smith
Sarah Lipman
Sarah Metz
Sarah O'Brien and Aaron Dowling
Sarah Peapples
Sarah Perkins
Sarah Shaikh
Sarina Patel
Sarra Wynn
Sayra Trejo
Let's go faculty! Let's rock this Walker Bell Challenge!
Scott LeFevre
Scott Nichols
I'm thrilled to be a part of Thacher's community. Thanks for a wonderful first year on staff, and all of the positive support offered to my family and me. Scott, Jess, Louise, and Althea
Scott and Ella Brittingham
Sean Ehringer
Sean Ongley
Selby Van Horne
Shane Griffee
Shannon Higa
Sharon E Bywater
Shawna Lee
Thacher, where head and heart grow in tandem
Shayla Yellowhair
Sheila Lewis Henry
Shell Duncan Grimes
Shuyi Tang and Zheng Yang
Sienna Currie
Siobhan McDevitt and Brian Calvin
Sophie Bekins
Sophie O’Neal
In memory of Mr Shagam
Always in memory and gratitude to Mr Shagam - and gratitude and love to Mr Robinson. Also thanks for the donation reminders! And for being Thacher!
Stacey Bae
Stacy Palestrant and Tomer Rothschild
Stef Warren
Stella Frank
Stephanie Hubbard McGirt
Stephanie Lynch
Stephanie Star
Stephen Clausen
Stephen Mailer
Stephen and Marilyn Greiner
Steven Benioff
Steven Klausner
Steven Olson
Stuart Johnson
Susan Langan
Miss you, Thacher. Thanks for the memories, and good luck with your future.
Susan Wadsworth
Susan and Steve Barrows and Yeagle
Sydney Linden
Sydney Wilder
T Newlin Hastings
Tammy and Christopher Heldridge
Tamra Lark
In honor of Jackie Snead
Tara Finnigan
Tatyana Rem
Taylor McKinley
Thabi Mathebula
Unlocking 500 for financial aid
The Carr Family
The He Family
The Parkes Family
The Pieretti Family
In honor of Luca Pieretti CdeP '20
The Svensson Wallmark Family
The Vondriska Family
John and Kathy Broesamle, beloved grandparents who make Thacher possible.
Theresa Vyhnal
Thomas Crozier
Thomas Irwin
Tiffany Hill
my classmates!
Tim Reed
Tim Sullivan
Tim and Natasha Monahan
Timothy Stenovec
In memory of Tamima Al-Awar
Tina & Rendall Thomas
Dermond Thomas & Olivia Thomas
Tina King
Todd & Lisa Wigert
Todd Meyer
Tom Hale
Tom Huntley
Tom and Amanda Lister
Tommy Stoilkovich
Tracy Miller
Trevor Currie
Trevor McProud
In honor of My grandfather John Lyttle CdeP 1942
Trinity Seely
In gratitude to the amazing place I continue to call home. to the people I call colleagues and friends. To the amazing horses and students that bless my life daily.
Tyler Manson
Tyler Ortiz
Tyson Schmidt
Dan Sonenshine
Victoire and Owsley Brown III
Victor Wykoff
In honor of Christian Garris
Keep up the good work!
Victoria Eaton
Victoria Kroehl
The best year of my life. I wish all Thacher students to experience the happiness and personal growth that I did while attending and for many years after.
Victoria Lowe
Vincent Langan
Good luck to Thacher!
Virginia Drake
Virginia and Josh Feira
Ward Sorrick
I want to thank Jeff for his leadership as interim Head of School and also acknowledge the contributions Kara is making behind the scenes. You two make a great team and always have! Keep up the great work!
Will Clemens
Will Sturgeon
Will Waste
William & Tricia Kellogg
William Irwin
William Vickery
In honor of Amy Vanderloop and M. Brooke Halsey, II
Wils Dawson
Winfield Han
Xin Kang
Yan Zhang
Yasmine Jones
Yazmin Sanabriga
Yung Roman
Zanna Stutz
Catherine clifford
Erno bonebakker
May adams
Michael brown
Hoping that Thacher can be a safe place for everyone now and in the future. Vigilant forever.
Yimin chen
My larger donation to Thacher this year is helping my daughter, Kelly Bilek, buy new football helmets. I love Thacher! It has been a wonderful school for both grandkids. Thank you!
Two grandchildren who love Thacher
In honor of David M. Trowbridge
My dad worked for the arts all his life. I donate this in memory of him. I hope the arts will inspire Thacher toads to live wonderful lives!
In honor of The Business Office
In honor of the business office.
In honor of Sherra Fertitta
A lifelong educator.
To all of the faculty and staff who take big and small steps every day to make Thacher a more inclusive, caring, and connected community.
In honor of Armande Charles and Dr. Hervé Blanchard
Thé Bouillon family thanks Thacher for their care of Jeremy (Bywater). Congratulations Jeremy!
In honor of Bo & Julie Manson
Emma Balina did! Also, I believe in the mission of the school and want to show my support. Please support the faculty and future professional development, especially in the Humanities!
My experience at Thacher was amazing. My teachers were inspiring, caring and supportive. My friends are my friends for life! Thacher bonds us!
In honor of Dualler - I miss you buddy
In memory of Marvin Shagam
In memory of ECW
In memory of Chuck Warren
In honor of Tom Walden, CdeP '61
Tom Walden, who was one of two Top Horsemen awarded this new accolade at the very beginning.
In memory of Chuck Warren
The generations of outstanding education and growth provided to members of the extended family over the years
Thank you so much. What a year!
The Faculty at Thacher & the Challenge Grant.
CdeP 2003 Reunion gift for supplemental aid
The Thacher School
5025 Thacher Rd, Ojai, CA 93023
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