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2022 Walker Bell Challenge

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A Kelly
AJ Yates
Aaron Dowling
Adam Harmon
Adrian Hall
Adriana Gomez
To all the alums who have met me with honor, fairness, kindness, and truth since I started at Thacher in 2020---thank you. I am thankful for the relationships formed so far, and look forward to many more to come in the future. Special shout out to the class of 1971, my first 50th Reunion class at Thacher, whose love for the School and one another never ceases to put a smile on my face.
Adriana Meza
I’m grateful for the life long friendships I made at Thacher. I had incredible support from my advisors, coaches and teachers.
Adriana Peyromaure de Bord
Aimee Brown-Nelson
To the students who bring so much creativity and joy to the campus each day!
Alan & Ibtissam Davis
THANK YOU to the Thacher Teachers and Staff for all you do for our daughter!
Alan Silbergh
A faculty and school community that welcomed and encouraged all points of view
Albert Perez
Alessandra Waste
Alex Herbert van Helden
Alex Herr
Alex Marlantes
In honor of Marvin Shagam
Alexander Spear
Alice Cardini
A campus full of animals- especially Miss Cronin's Coach!
Alissa Russell
In memory of Evan Werlin
Allison Natcher
Amanda Grumman-Goldsmith
Amanda Nonomura
Amanda Sun
Amanda and Thomas Lister
Ame and Doug Van Dyke
In honor of To the fabulous graduating senior class 🧡💚🧡
Ame and Douglas Van Dyke
Amy Bird
My time at Thacher fostered a tremendous love and appreciation for the wilderness, and a continuing desire to protect it.
Anderson Clark
In honor of Evan Charles Werlin
Angel Carrasco
Anne Green Colonna d'Istria
Annica Howard
Annie LeFevre
Annie Riddell
Anson B Thacher
In honor of Blossom Beaty Pidduck
loyalty to honor, kindness, fairness and truth.
Anthony Ngo
April Taylor
Art Adams
Ashley Wick
Austin Krause
Awele Okigbo
In memory of Vincent Okobi
In memory of my beloved father who knew before I did how impactful Thacher would be for me.
Barbara Goehrig
In appreciation for the wonderful all-around experience our grandson is having!
Barclay Grayson
Barrett Brown
Belinha R. Beatty
Ben Eastburn
Ben Krokower
Ben Skye-Babbott
Benita Chan
Benjamin & Denise Carter
Bennett Barbakow
Bernadette Okonkwo
The Thacher staff
Beth Scheer
Bethany Harbison
Betsy Carney
Betty Kenan
In honor of Teal Smith CdeP 2024
Beverly Stone
Bianca Russell
Blake J. Grayson
Bo Manson
Bob and Tricia Schmidt
Bonnie Sharer
Brad Smith
In honor of Doug Tauck
Bradford Macneil
The great teachers and the great friends that I met at Thacher are embedded in my memory and inspire me to live my life well!
Brendan Gately
Brian Bennett
Brian Marguleas
In honor of Marvin Shagam
Brittany Sanders
In honor of Lee Quong
Perseverance of the students and staff!
Brooke Kathrein
Brooke LeVasseur
Bruce Krill
In honor of Cdp79
Personnel phone call
Bruce Poole
Bryan Brockman
Not the usual. A great place to watch our family grow up. Felt I should recognize my husband who allowed us to have the experience.
Camillia Joy
Cara Bonewitz
The friends I made. They are still my greatest support system.
Caren and Fritz Hatton
The most wonderful place on earth for high school age kids! Happy to support!
Carla Ritchie
Carlo Soracco
Carlos Osuna
The dedication of the faculty members to the students in many ways that go beyond their normal duties.
Carly and Leon Rodriguez
Carmela Carreno
Carol McConnell
In memory of the hundreds of horses over the years that have supported The Thacher School’s mission.
Caroline Ferris White
Carolyn Vondriska
Caron Leach
Carrie Kirkpatrick
Carson Land
Catalina Saenz
A small contribution to support living and growing in our core values!
Catherine Illingworth
Catherine Keeling
Catherine Parkes
Cathy and Bob Fisher
Cathy and Owen Donahue
In honor of Walker Bell Challenge
Cecilia Herbert
Cecilia and Wil Harris
Having all the students sing Happy Birthday to our son after his first day at Thacher.
Chandler Williamson
Chanelle Walker
Charles Hancock
Charles Roberts
Charley Medigovich
Charlie LeFevre
Charlotte Tracy
Chelsea S. Bauch
Cherry and Patrick C. James
Chiara Spada-Sherman
Chinwe Wachuku
In honor of Adanna Iwu-Anyanwu '24
Chris Colson
Chris Goldman
Chris Gordon
Christian Garris
Christina Stoney
Christina Yuan
Christine Johnson
Christopher Eaton
In memory of James Dibblee
Christopher Grant
Christopher J. Van Son
Christopher Land
Christopher Masson
Christopher Rose
Christopher Vyhnal
Cindy Castaneda
In honor of Bruce Oxley
Claire Behr
Claire J. Faggioli
Claire Vance
Claudia L. and Paul B. Bressie
Claudia Montenegro
Thacher has impacted my son's education because he has quickly learned how to perform many domestic chores and completed school assignments by himself. He has matured quickly and is very independent and for sure he will successful in college and life. Thank you Thacher!
Clay Pell
Clinton Henderson
Clinton Lowe
In memory of Marvin Shagam & Gloria Nichols
Love the work that Chanelle Walker & Matt Balano are doing (hate to hear that he’s leaving)! I hope that this bit of support helps them, and any other members of the Thacher community, who do the tireless and often thankless work of rebuilding trust and fostering a more inclusive version of— Honor, Fairness, Kindness & Truth! From my experience, these are the folks who are truly moving in the Spirit of, Marvin Shagam AND my Nana, Gloria Nichols— two angels whom I know I could not have made it through Thacher without. Shout out to all the victims of past abuses (of all types) who continue to persevere through and/or continue to find ways to to show up. I wish you nothing but prosperity and healing. From my Family to yours—We Love You ALL!! ♥️✊🏾🐎🧡💚
Colin McMahon
Connie Lindsay
Courtney Cronin
Curtis Scott
Cynthia Darran Baird
Joy Mulligan
DJ Sigband
Marvin Shagam changed my world view.
Dalila Pelayo
Dan Crotty
Dan Lee
Those who can, should.
Dan Miller
Dana Dwire
Daniel Kwon
We are so happy to be a part of the amazing Thacher community! Sera could not be happier with her experiences.
Daniel Vega
Danny Torjusen
Darren Bechtel
David Budlong
David D. Richardson
David Johnston
In honor of IMO Randy Smith CdeP 1987
David Moffitt
David Van Horne
Dawn M. Porter and David A. Graff
Dawn Porter
My children have made friends they and we will have forever. They received a top notch education and are caring thoughtful humans.
DeAnna Gossett
Deanna and Tom Harned
Debbie Piliero
Deborah Tennant
Dee and John Thele
Dermond Thomas
Devon and Vince Cichoski
Di Liao
Diana & Liam Callahan
Diana J. Lewis Callahan and Liam Callahan
Diana Montgomery
Dick Spaulding
Dietrich Schuhl
The matching gift for faculty donors!!
Dilys Bart
Dinny Sherman
Doug Coughran
Supporting my school!
Orange blossoms and Witch's Broom are the smells that bring me back to the magic of my days there among other smells like wet grassy fields, dusty chaparral hills, and piles of horse poop!
Ed Banman
Ed Bennett
Edi Thimons
Edward Cahill
Edward L. Barnes
Edward Lincoln
In honor of Evan C Werlin
Elena M. Brokaw
Elizabeth Besch
Elizabeth Clarke
Elizabeth H. Bradford Peretti
In honor of IHO Elizabeth S. Hastings and T. Newlin Hastings, Jr. CdeP 1970
Elizabeth Lorenz
Elizabeth Rainer and Stephen Mailer
Elizabeth S. and T. Newlin Hastings Jr.
Ella M. and Scott C. Brittingham
Ella Moench
Elle O Hill
Ellen D. and Michael Milne, CBE
Emerson Gates
Emily Williamson Hancock and Henry Hancock
Emma Balina
I am inspired by the incredibly talented and dedicated faculty and staff who show up every day to make the experiences of our students better, and who genuinely care about this place and one another. To the A&D office - you're the best. Thank you for being such wonderful and supportive colleagues and friends. <3
Emma and Roque Balina
Eric Anderson
Eric Gross
Coach Sullivan has high expectations and motivates his players to rise to the challenge.
Eric Stoen
Eric Thomas
Eric and Melissa Escalante
In memory of Dan Escalante
Be adventurous and lead with kindness and love!
Erik Fiske
Erik Landsness
Erin Archer
Erin Pata
In honor of Bob Isaacson … whose decision to go to Thacher transformed our children’s lives.
Ethan Nonomura
Etienne Emanuel
Eun Min Park
Eunice Griffith
Evy Disner Paulino
Felicity Arnold
Fiona McLaughlin
Flavio Peñafiel
Francoise Kasimirowski and Alejandro Garcia-Revilla
Frederick Wright
In honor of Robert Chesley
G. Mason Morfit
Gabriel Yette
Gabriela Cesena
Gabriela Gutierrez
Thacher is our second home. Thank you for all the love and support you share with us all.
Gail O'Brien
Gallia Vickery
Gavin E Back
Genevieve Jensen
Genevieve and Jay A. Gudebski
Geoffrey Sowash
Peter Robinson
George Arnold
George Hunt
George R. Yelder Jr.
George Thacher
George Wheaton
Gerin River
Gillian Kneass
Gillian S. Kneass
Gina Greene
Ginger & Richard Maxwell
With deep appreciation and gratitude for faculty and staff!!
Glenn Glass
Proud to be an alumni and loved my years there. Look forward to every return visit!
Glenn Langan
Gloria Swift
Grace B Malloy
Grace Callander
Grace Lowe
Graham Douds
Rich and Chris Mazzola
Greg Wynn
Greg and Katherine Turpan
Gregg Lavine
Gretchen and Marshall Milligan
Hal Kotowsky
Harry Hoffman
Harvey R. Kaslow, PhD
Hazel Beard
Hazel Ruiz
In memory of Josephine Chow
Heather M Grant
Helen Bell
Henry Chaney
In memory of David B. Koth
Hong Zheng and Yi Zhou
In honor of Melanie Berner, Jonathan Swift and Jason Carney
Hugh Gordon
Hunter Metcalf
Hyea Won Kang
Thank you for all the hard work!!
Ian Whittinghill
Gun club! Thanks Steve Kanaly.
Iona Popa
In honor of Megan Carney
Ira Silverman
Isaac Lee
J.P. Manoux
In honor of Randy Smith
Jack and Christina L. Chiu Alfandary
Jacqueline Johnny
My family believes in Thacher, In only one year I have seen the impact of the Thatcher community on my son's continued growth and success.
Jaime Kellogg
James Billington
James Hallett
In memory of Marvin Shagam
James Hastings
James K. Everett
James Kelly
James Lewis
James Luebbers
James Moffitt
James Poulsen
Jamil Abou-Samra
Jan Atchity
Jane Archer
Jane G. Casamajor
Jane Griswold
Janifer Atchity
Jason Wenz
In memory of Marvin Shagam
Javier Quiroz
Jeanine and Robert Getz Family
Jeanne Ratsimbazafy
We want to thank you for all the support you have given to our children.
Jeffrey Becker
Jeffrey Berndt
Hang in there. Things will get a little bit brighter soon.
Jeffrey Frank
Jeffrey MacCorkle
Jennifer B. and Scott L. Gwilliam
Jennifer Kritz
Jennifer Sommer
Jenny Morrill Koland
Jerry and Kerry Holden
Jessica Bliss
In honor of The Robinson Family
Jessica Cosio
Jessica Yusuf
Jianguo Liu
The great teachers at Thacher are very encouraging, kind and professional! Thank them so much for educating our son!
Jill Manfredi
I am grateful for the use of the Chumash land, and for our Thacher community that continues to work to thrive!
Jillian Seaton
With gratitude for my colleagues, the extraordinary mission we serve, and the students we’re lucky to call “our kids.”
Jillian Wade
Jin Noh
We are honoured to join the Walker Bell Challenge. Thank you, Thacher School.
Joel Reimer
John B. Wagner
John Barkan
In honor of Michael and Joy Mulligan
John Hilton
John Hoover
In honor of Dorothy H. Hoover & Robert C. Hoover
In memory of Dorothy H. Hoover
John Huyler
It helped to get a call from an current student yesterday.
John Jordan
Marvin Shagam
John Lee
John Lewis
In honor of John G. Lewis Jr. CdeP '59
John Milligan
John Perry
John Webb
Jon Le Plastrier
Jonathan Swift
Let these hard times make us stronger, smarter, and better.
Jordan Lederer
Jordana Martin
In honor of Blossom Beatty Pidduck
For speaking truth and always trying to move things forward in the name of goodness and progress.
Jose Estrada
Joseph Bywater & Alanna Iacono
Joseph M. Bell
Joseph Neulight
Joshua Freedman
Joy Golbere
Juan Sanchez
Judith G. Munzig
Julia Fiske
Brian Pidduck introduced me to climbing and cultivated my love of the backcountry.
Julia Robinson
Julian Pridmore-Brown
Julian Quasha
Julie and Matthew M. Chesley CdeP 1981
Juliet Henderson
Justin Arnold
Justin Faggioli
Justin S. Grant
Kara and Jeff Hooper
In memory of Paul Connolly
Kara and Jeff Hooper
In memory of James Dibblee
Kara and Jeff Hooper
In honor of Peter Robinson
Karleanne Rogers
In honor of Trevor CdeP 2009, Lucas CdeP 2015, and Nate CdeP 2012
Kasiana McLenaghan
Kate M. and Philip G. Kelliher
Katharine and John Kline
Katherine (Bechtel) Thompson
Katherine Browne
Katherine Halsey
In memory of Brooke Halsey
Katherine Prager
Peter Robinson was always kind and looked out for me in his wonderfully gruff way. I always felt that he was looking out for me and that was always incredibly powerful and reassuring.
Katherine Sawyer
Katherine Sung
Kathryn A. Padgett
Kay Collier
Kelley Johnson
No matter who you come in contact with at THACHER you are greeted with an overwhelming amount of kindness. I will always be thankful for that!
Kelsey Harrington
Kendra Schmidt
Kent Arnold
The most significant factors in my Thacher life were the steady encouragement, discipline, and humor of our faculty. Thanks to all who organize and back the Walker Bell Challenge!
Kenyon Phillips
Kerri K. and Daniel A. Sonenshine
Kim Bastian
Kim Peterson
Kim Thomas
Kirsten Ritzau
Kirsten Ritzau
Korzu Taplin
In honor of Tanji Dewberry
Tanji was always a mentor and supporter of young women. She and her son are angels now. May they Rest In Peace.
Kristen & Morten Hansen
We are so appreciative and inspired by the opportunities that Thacher allows for students to take risks and experience failure (and success!) Life lessons that are often undervalued. Thank you!
Kristin Berona
Kristin Marttila
Maria Morales-Kent was an incredible guide as we navigated the college process!
Kristopher Zierhut
In honor of Jack Huyler
Lane Hammond
In memory of Myron A Clark
Lanlan Jin
Go Toads! You got this :))
Laura Benard
Laura Bepko
I cannot imagine a better community to work with :)
Laura Streeter
The hard work Thacher leaders, faculty and students are doing to improve the school.
Laura and Randolph Browning
Laurel Edson
In honor of The Annual Fund Team
Great work DevO team!!
Laurel T. Edson
Lauren Bangasser
Lauren Zakarian-Cogswell
Lawrence M Bosche
Leesa & Martin Romo
Leland Franklin
In honor of Alice & Kurt Meyer
Leonard Brown
Lesley Sun
Leslie Lundgren
Leticia Moore
The total love, support, and encouragement Grace Lowe has shown my daughter Kennedy❤️. Kennedy ADORES you! Heck, so do I!!
Leyla and Michael Abou-Samra
In honor of Trustee, Stefanie Warren, CdeP '96 for her tremendous work
Libby Rauner Brewer
Lila Rodriguez
Lindsay Galen
Lisa Kazazean
Lisa M. and Derek G. Kirkland
Lisa Prochazka
Lisa Wallmark
The amazing advisors at Thacher give above and beyond and make all the difference. Thank you!!
Lisandro Malissia
happy to contribute to this amazing school
Liz Westbrook
In memory of Joe Dignan '75
Logan Clark
Logan Morrow
Loma Griffith
In memory of Jim Griffith CdeP 53
Lucia Craven
Marvin Shagam, in pursuit of honor and fairness and kindness and truth always.
Lucy Phillips
Lucy Rodriguez
Luis Jungo
In honor of The Business Office Staff
Luke & Zoey Robinson
Lynn Kanda and David Gleeson
Megan Carney! No-one could be better for the incoming class girls.
Mandy Wynn
In honor of The Board of Trustees and Blossom
Thank you for difficult stewardship over the last few years.
Manhua Guo and Yimin Chen
Marco Hernandez
Thanks for the call Coach Hopper! Sorry I missed it.
Margarita Billings
Marguerite Kissel
Maria Barrell
Maria Hernandez
Thank you to all the staff who make my daughter feel at home!
Maria Morales-Kent
Jill Manfredi, Sara Edwards, Marcy Sanchez, Yung Roman, and May Adams - are all amazing women and professionals, who have and continue to give their best to our school community. They truly are lynchpins helping to keep us together. Thank you to them!!! Maria
Maria Viramontes
Maria and Alonso Escalante
Marisa Binder
Marivi Lerdo de Tejada
Marjorie Jones
Mark Hayne
Mark Yeh
Marley Reilly
Marta Cunningham
Martha Carrasco
Martha W. and Richard B. Finger
Mary and Dan Krause
Mary Conarroe
In memory of Tambi Dewberry CdeP ‘94
Matt Brewer
Matt Stenovec
Max Reniers
Max Rousselot
In honor of Alex Wilson
In memory of Alex Wilson
Class of '79
Max von Wening
In honor of Bonnie Robinson
Maximilian Hoffman
Maxwell Kuhl
May Adams
I have worked for Thacher School for over 25 years. I love this school and what it represents and wish it’s success for the future.
Megan Carney
Megan Hooker
I am beyond grateful for the students, faculty and staff past and present, who have inspired me daily in a multitude of ways. And to the horses. And to Katherine Halsey, Robin Walter, and Sydney Bowie: I will cherish our friendships forever.
Megan P. and Jason R. Carney
Meghan Jeans
Melanie Berner
Melanie Leon
Melinda & Matt Nix parents of Mateo Nix
Melissa Vickery McCarty
Meredith Dworkin
Meriem Soliman and Serge Becker
Michael Balzary
Michael Bekins
In honor of Mr. Avery and the Jazz music program
Michael Biermann
Michael Brooks
Michael Chang
Michael Galgon
Michael Morse
Michael Torre
Michael and Hiroko Bekins
Mika Reynolds
Mike & Kathy Bradford
My father Newlin Hastings 1934 and all the generations since.
Mimi Roediger
Mirna Valdez
In honor of Brian Valdez
Enjoy your experience!
Mollie and Bill Hector
Monica Harish
Morgan Krey
Morgan Ward
In honor of Mrs. Bonnie Robinson
Mrs. Robinson helped me find my voice as a writer and a human being.
Nana Appiah-Korang
Grace Lowe has been a wonderful advisor to my daugther, Eline, as an Advisor. I appreciate her duty of care!
Nandini Rao
Nathalie Bouillon
Nathaniel Bisson
In honor of Joy Sawyer Mulligan
Nicholas Hubbard
Nicholas Young
In honor of Marvin H. Shagam
Nick English
Nick Kohli
Nima Lama Sherpa
Nina Cohen
Nora McGraw
Norman Rosenblatt
Omar and Nancy Abou-Samra
Page O'Brien
Parent of ‘25
Keep up good work.
Paris Van Dyke
Parker White
In honor of Noel Ferris
Michael Mulligan was wonderful
Patrick Guinet
In honor of Marvin Shagam
Easily the most influential person in my life other than my parents!
Patty Abou-Samra Kearney
Go orange!
Paul & Claudia Bressie
Paul & Kate Mason
Peter & Donna Sawyer - Jones
Peter Arnold
Peter Cole
Peter Dunne
In memory of Peter F Dunne III
Peter Marlantes
Peter Matthews
Peter Munzig
Peyton Moore
What immediately comes to mind is how the Robinsons saw something in me and my writing and they were so supportive which definitely boosted my confidence!
Philipe Manoux
Phillip & Elizabeth Schlueter
Phoebe Halsey
In memory of Macdonald Brooke Halsey II
Pippa Carson
Thacher truly has the most amazing environment I’ve ever known. It is given Trevor an opportunity to experience a beautiful combination of academics, sports, and the outdoors. I will forever be grateful to all the people who give us so much to make this community all that it is.
Priscilla Carmichael
Qing Zhang and Bin Wang
Qiong Zhang and Kirk Tong
Quinn Kanaly
In honor of Chuck Warren
R. Bruce Peters
In honor of Jack Huyler
In memory of Jack Huyler
I still write and ride better because of him.
Rafael Rangel
Thank you Horse Department, for all you do for our kids! Keep it up!
Raj Ramasubramanian
In honor of Sudha Rajasekaran
My wife , who is no more believed so much in Thacher that our children will flourish in Thacher . Thacher gave our children the best education. It brought the best out of them in a compassionate yet in a competitive environment.
Randolph Head
Rapunzyl Kim
Raquel Reisinger
Reagan Moore
Rebecca Clyde
In honor of Peter Robinson
He was my English teacher in the 80s and now he is my daughter's teacher today. THAT is miraculous. And I am ever so grateful for all of the teachers and staff, and the thread of the Thacher education that persists through the generations.
Rebecca Krueger
Glad to contribute for families in need of Financial Aid
Rebecca Rose
Regan Holdridge and Edward Cecchi
Reiko Cheng
Thank you for all the good work
Rhea Wong
Rich & Liz Salem
Richard Griffith
In honor of jim Griffith
Richard Maxwell
Though I am not a teacher, it's a gerat feeling to support Thacher's mission through the work I do on campus. What a blessing it is for my kids to now be able to be toads.
Richard Paige
In honor of Jack Huyler
Honor fairness kindness well taught
Richard Whittall
Rita Walton
Rob Housden
Rob Shiras
Robert Kellogg
In honor of Class of 1972
Robert Rex
Roberto Palacios
The unparalleled mentorship, guidance and support from all the faculty and leadership at Thacher.
Rodman Paul
Roger Coates
Rong Ding and Ning Tang
Russell Grether
In memory of Brooke Halsey
Russell Spinney
Ryan Smith
Ryan Winter
Ryan Wood
My daughters Anjali and Lauren Joseph continue to benefit from the education they received and the friendships they made at Thacher.
Sabina McMahon
Sabrina Lee
Sam Eaton
Sam Meyer
Thacher provided me with some of my most treasured friends and memories - hoping my donation will contribute to similar experiences for current and future generations. Also ... gotta represent CdeP 2010.
Samuel G. Lino
SamuelI French
In honor of Robert A Isaacson
Keeping up with classmates over the years and seeing how the school experience may have helped their success.
Sander Duncan
Sara A. and Mark Billings
Sara Billings
Sara Dai and Michael Yao
Sara Frey Edwards
Sara Thacher
Sarah Bennett
Fantastic educators who recognized my strengths as a young person and encouraged me to use them!
Sarah Boneysteele
Sarah DelVecchio
Sarah Hansen
Sarah Houseman
Sarah Lipman
Sarah Peapples
Chuck Warren and the Outdoor Program
Sarah W. O'Brien CdeP 1986 and Aaron J. Dowling
Sarina Patel
In support of Blossom and all of campus leadership who are upholding the core of Thacher's values while moving the School ever forward
Satori Enterprises
Scott Christensen
Scott Kirkpatrick
Scott LeFevre
Scott and Anne Budlong
Sean Ehringer
Sebastian Schell
Can't wait for reunion!
Seth Boyd
Shannon Higa
Shauna H. Weisburst
Shayla Yellowhair
Shayne Spaulding
Shell Grimes
Gage Grimes
Sigurd Murphy
Jack Huyler and the horse program helped me understand my responsibilities to God, Country and my fellow citizens leading to my eventually becoming an Army General Officer and then a Judge.
Skip Lord
Sophie O'Neal
Spencer Stevens
Stacey Bae
Stacey Lee
Staci Hartman
Stefanie Warren
My classmates are the best!
Stephania Greve
Stephanie Kassels
Thanks for preparing our nephews to be active community members and more!
Stephanie Keo
Stephanie Lynch
Stephanie Star
Stephanie Thomas
In honor of the faculty and staff who work every day of every week to support Thacher students.
Steven Lasker
Steven Mills
Steven North and Becky L. Beckett CdeP 1980
Steven Petit
Stuart McCluer
Susan Langan
Susan P. and Riley P. Bechtel
Susan R. Taylor
Susan Wadsworth
Suzanne White
Sydney Linden
Tammy Heldridge
Thank you for making our daughter happy.
Tamra Lark and Steve Lark
Tara Finnigan
Ted Rhodes
Terence Kelly
In honor of Marvin Shagam
He was a wonderful, caring teacher and friend.
Tessa Enright
Theana M. and Aaron C. Snyder
Theana Snyder
Theodore Buerger
Theresa & Chris Vyhnal
In honor of of our colleagues and their dedication to students and this community.
Theresa J. and Christopher R. Vyhnal, PhD
Thomas Belknap
Thomas Hattori
Thomas Morgan
In memory of Mr. Shamim- you were a huge inspiration!
Thomas O'Brien
Tiffany Chamberlain Hill
Tim Brown
Tim Reed
Tim Stenovec
Tim Sullivan
In gratitude for all of the students, past and present, who have made Thacher such a wonderful place for our own children to grow up.
Tina King
Toby Maitland-Lewis
Todd Wigert
Thanks to Emma in the Alumni Office for the reminder text!
Tom Hale
Tommy & Bonnie Stoilkovich
Tony Hernandez
Tony Rogers
Tony Thatcher
Tracy Mallory
Tracy Miller
Tracy and John Mallory
Trevor Currie
Trinity Seely
In honor of our amazing equine partners that give us all so much. Also in appreciation for the wonderful teachers during my years at Thacher that supported me and gave me reason(and still do) to believe that we are all worth it. Cecilia Ortiz, Chuck Warren, Blossom Beatty Pidduck, Michael and Joy Mulligan, Mike Swan, Cam Schryver, Katherine Halsey, Greg Haggard, Monique Devane.
Troy Pollet
Trudy L. Smith
In honor of IHO Graham A. Rogers CdeP 2024
Tyfahra Singleton
Tyler James
Tyler Ortiz
Tyson Schmidt
Valerie Balukas
Vanessa Theroux
Vicente Barraza
Victoria Eaton
Virginia and Josh Feira
Walker Cahall
Loved seeing those bees! Keep em flying!
Walter K. Collins II
Wanina Ewing
In memory of Sherm Ewing CdeP 1944
Ward Sorrick
Whitney Livermore
Will Sturgeon
Will Waste III
William Clemens
William Fellows
William Omansiek
William Vickery
In honor of Marvin S. Shagam
Wils Dawson
Xochitl Plascencia
Xochitl Plascencia and Jose Plascencia
Yan Li
Yan Zhang
Yasmine Arastu Jones
Yue Pan
Hope Thacher School have a good future.
Yulanda Sonime
Yung J. and Michael E. Roman
Zander Schatzberg
Zander turned 16 today.....his present to Thacher:)
Carin & AJ Yates
So many of our colleagues have taught my daughters. I thank them for their dedication and positive influences.
Dennis stone
Don johnson
James mcreynolds
In honor of Gui Ignon; Denim J. Lord; Doc Lowery
John bueti
Kaiyu Chu
Michael menzies
Our grandson, Wyatt O'Connell, is here additionally honored after having graduated from Thacher and in his first year made the Dean's List at UVA.
Sharon james
Sonia Lee
Yuki Torii
Thacher faculty are outstanding…thank you for making such a positive difference in the lives of our students!
In honor of the good work done at Thacher.
Elle O Hill
Marvin Shagam helped me make the honor code my own.
In memory of Marvin Shagam
Thacher has encouraged my child to try so many new things. Love that!
In honor of Bo Manson, John Bueti, Molly Perry, Jake Conway, Jeff Hooper, Justin Arnold, Brian Pidduck, Theana Snyder, Mel Berner, Jon Swift, Raul Soto, Tracy Miller, and all of the other teachers and advisors who have supported my child this year!
Amazing education and educators.
I was never a great athlete, but I had a lot of spirit, which can go a long way. So it was incredibly meaningful to me to be captain of both my cross country and lacrosse teams my senior year. I think Thacher is the kind of place that lets people shine in so many different, and unexpected ways.
We are grateful for the incredible commitment of the facilities team, people like Oscar, Sergio, Jesus, Jose, Robert, Robert and Angel for all they do to make this campus special.
In honor of Betty Saunders
Continue the excellence !
Blossom Pidduck. I never knew how to write and she took the time to help me understand in a way that no other teacher did.
In honor of Bob and Denise Miller
The Thacher community and its horses, which together made an enormous and happy difference in the lives of all of our family, both those who were students, and their parents. Thank you!
Our daughter loves learning at Thacher, we couldn't ask for more!
The Thacher School
5025 Thacher Rd, Ojai, CA 93023
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